Sven Elze

Sven Elze is going to share his insights from his 25 years of tango experience. He brings together influences from Tango Nuevo and traditional tango to his own style.

Sven is besides tango teacher also a coach, actor and musician. He played a key role in shaping the Berlin tango scene as a dancer, teacher, musician, organizer and initiator. 


He taught in the Mala Junta tango school in Berlin and performed for many years as musician with the trio “Mordisco Tango” and with the Bassa Jazz Tango Ensemble.

He was part of the organization of the EMBRACE Berlin Tango Festival. He had an important part in the movie “Dance Tango with Me” where he was the main a coach of the casts andall dancers, he trained the actors and was actor in the film himself.


Here some inspiration:

Sven Elze and Evi Sofra - Oblivion