Candela Ramos

Candela gave her first dance"s steps in a ballet barre with 6 years old and passing through Ballet, Modern dance, Jazz, Contemporary jazz, Arabe, Yoga, Argentinian Folklore and many techniques of Contemporary Dance. 

She arrived into Tango at the age of 15 years old. After few years she met Dana Frigoli, Pablo Villarraza and the Studio "DNI Tango" where she did an intense formation as teacher and dancer, ending to work there in the Studio and the Company for 4 years long. On those years she was in charge of the Contemporary dance classes on the school where she developed a method for Tango dancers related to the TTC approach(Tango tecnology conceptual, technique applied for DNI studio).

When she turns 21 years old she moved to Berlin, Germany in order to improve her contemporary dance, the most influenced method was "Axis Syllabus" the one that now she keep going on research. Also she continued with the Tango teaching in Berlin, as well as traveling through Germany, Poland, Italy, Holland, Russia, France and Spain where she was called by determined events and Festivals. 

Now She is the Choreographer on the new production of the Parisian company "A part of the whole" directed by Nathalie Bentolila where she also participate as a dancer, actress and singer. 

Having residence in Barcelona now she keeps going on with the work of inspire new people to the Tango world. 

Her research and approach is based on the awareness of Anatomy and Physiology of the body to use it in favor as she dances. Medical resources on biomechanics and physics applied into movement helped her to realize how to prevent injuries and to get energy efficient choices. By that, she gets rid of much of the after dance pain, dance through longer periods of time and have a longer life as a mover. She is part of the "Axis Syllabus International Research Network" which is a list of information of this kind. This specific focus for alignment brought her freedom into improvisation as well as adaptability to deal with different dancers styles.

Some impressions:
Winter Tango Challenge, Lanckorona 2017, Candela & Adrian
Winter Tango Challenge, Lanckorona 2018, Candela & Tymoteusz
Candela"s website