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How to book

When you book here, we will send a confirmation email within a few days. Please contact us when you do not receive this confirmation.


We open bookings also for double role. Since we balance roles we often have a waiting list for single follower and for double role bookings. Be patient, mostly we clear the list the last week(s) before the event.


When you book you accept our cancellation conditions and our disclaimer. We put a lot of effort and book for you food, teachers etc. So we make costs and will charge in case of cancellation.

Booking form Taboe2Be 18 - 22 April 2019

The Program - per person

Accomodation   Me My partner (if you have one)
Program from Thursday 18 April  € 260,-
Program from Friday 19 April  € 190,-

The Food - per person

Maaltijden   Me My partner
Food from Thursday 18 April  € 115,-
Food from Friday 19 April  € 100,-

Additional information

MeMy partner 
City and/or country  
I or my partner has a medical issue you need to know  
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