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Share a ride

We start with a new service to help you find a travel companion. On the booking form you can state wether you:

  1. Offer a ride
  2. Look for a ride
  3. Want a travel companion, eg. to share a taxi from Schiphol

When you inform us we will try to make a match. State at the booking form in the ‘Remarks‘ box details of what you want.

By public transport

This is the link for trains, this for busses, this ombines both train & busses connections for your route.


By public transport 

There are no busses running on 26th Dec from Driebergen-Zeist train station to the camp. At the moment we cannot see whether they run on the 27th. Schedules are not available yet. Sorry.

How to reach the camp?


Option 1. Ask (offer) a lift from Driebergen-Zeist train station. Many dancers coming by car and will pass through or drive very near the station. on the FB EVENT. It‘s a really easy and nice way to help each other.


Option 2. Pre-order a taxi from Driebergen-Zeist station.

Their details are on our website. 


Option 3. Pre-order a (return) taxi from Amsterdam Airport.

The prices of the different taxi companies are very different. You pay the same 1 to 4 person.

As more dancers are arriving by flight the same afternoon, try to take a taxi together. Arrange a meet up in the FB Taboe Camp EVENT (not in the Taboe Camp group!) 

Use the FB EVENTto connect and make sure you write us as well (we collect the requests)


All prices are 2019 prices, one way. Same price 1 to 4 person. 

www.reistaxi.nl cheapest, around 65,- Euro (but check...)


taxizeist.nl 75,- Euro 

Tel: +31306911488

schipholtaxi.amsterdam 100,- Euro 

Tel: +31202618395


Option 4. Call us (don‘t write!) if all other options didn‘t work.

We send our car to the Driebergen station. 


Regiotaxi Utrecht if you need a taxi Driebergen-Zeist (this is a collective taxi taking more people around) last taxi before 24:00.

Reserve at least one hour prior to your journey.


Attention! Taxi drivers sometimes can not find the location. Tell them to go to the Beauforthuis (Woudenbergseweg 70), From there follow the signs ‘Paasheuvelgroep‘ and ‘Tango‘ leading into the forest road opposite of the parking place. 

Walking from the bus stop

Coming from Driebergen-Zeist station

Attention! No busses in the weekends during summer 2019. But it might change again.

If there is a bus, tell the bus driver you want to get out at KNVB-sportcentrum".

When you get out walk back to the main road, cross it and go left. After a few meters you will find a small path going into the forest (yes really). The path has a football field on the left hand. Follow the path (150 meters) to the macadam road, continue on the road and go first road to the left. You will see the reception after 100 - 150 meters. It is around 7-8 mins walk from the bus stop.