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Price and conditions

All booking options are all inclusive the full program (workshops, milonga’s, body work, etc). Bed and food are optional. You can only book the full period. If you want another arrangement, please contact us.

Be aware:  all beds are without bedding!


Booking will open Saturday 14 September 12:00 hours.

If you want you can put yourself on our mailing list here! So we can inform you when the bookings open.

Price List

To give already an indication, this were the prices of last summer camp.


Booking options Price
1  Dormitory max 4/5 persons & food € 565,-
2  Tent or campervan & food € 565,-
3  Dormitory 8 (max) persons & food € 510,-
4  Dormitory 2 persons & food (for couples)
€ 655,-
5  Food only, no bed € 495,-  
6  Bed only, no food € 495,-
7  No bed, no food € 445,-
8  Bedding (duvet & sheets, no towels) € 17,50
9  Children (12-18 years) per day food and bed € 35,- 


Cancellation conditions

Your application is binding. Payment has to be done and arrived onto our bank account within 7 days after the booking conformation we will send. In case of cancellation we will charge as follows:

  • no charge within 5 working days after our conformation and you sending us a cancellation email
  • 25% of the price up to 1 months before the start of the event
  • 75 % of the price up to 2 weeks before the start of the event
  • 100 % of the price within 2 weeks before the start of the event