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Taboe Camp Cancelled


We are very sorry, but we had to cancel the Taboe Summer Camp due to corona. We will offer our events again as soon as we can guarantee a safe environment. So either corona has to mutate in a less dangerous illness, a good treatment becomes available or we have a vaccine.



Our dream is winter camp 2020. Otherwise Taboe2Be at Easter and we believe quite likely Taboe Summer Camp 2021.



Welcome to the Camp!

2020 Winter Camp 27 Dec - 2 Jan 

2021 Summer Camp 11 - 17 July

2021 Winter Camp 27 Dec - 1 Jan

2022 Summer Camp15 – 23 July


Twice a year we enjoy to be in a real tango-community with a big group dancers from all over the world, from all ages and levels, where we are cherishing values as diversity, equality, sensitivity, playfulness and personal growth. So Taboe is a place with many colors: with depth & lightness, joy & silence, trust & challenge. We make sure all these ingredients are present, so everyone can feel at home, open up, shine and leave nourished.


Our Mission
Taboe Tango Camp is the place to be ...
  • If you are like to be in a warm tango-community where we like to connect, care, contribute and include everyone.
  • If you are embracing ‘diversity‘ in people, in music, in tango styles and in the uniqe teaching approaches of our team. 
  • If you are curious to learn, to grow, to share.
  • If you like to have new experiences
  • If you can stretch your comfort zone a bit (the magic is beyond :))