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Paras & Paul

Paras and Paul are dancing together since 1999, and started to teach in 2003 in the Netherlands, Germany, United Kingdom, Spain, Hungary and Italy. Their main interest is to be a good and committed teacher, rather than a performing artist.


They followed many workshops and seminars with many Argentine maestros in Europe and Argentina and studied few months in the well-known DNI School in Buenos Aires with Pablo, Dana and many other teachers there.


They have an ’open minded’ approach, as they have found a lot of valuable things in all the different styles from milonguero till nuevo. Their investigation in tango is like a long journey, always moving, changing and evolving. They believe that the Magical moments happen only partly thanks to the technical skills, and that’s why they like to work with the "Extras": presence and body awareness, qualities and intensity, dialog and improvisation.


Their motto is: ’Magic happens always outside the comfort zone’. That’s why they found a light and playful way to challenge the dancers to trust, open up, connect and interact and a little more intense than usually. They like longer events, because they are more suitable for this as the group stays together. They organize the Taboe Tango Camp, a big, innovative and international tango ’retreat’week twice a year, the Taboe2Be at Easter in Germany and they teach in Europe at festivals and special workshop weekends.

Performances Paras & Paul
Performing living doll in Ruigoord Amsterdam, 2013
Spontaneous performance @ Flores Mannheim, 2013
Proitzer Mühle, DE, 2011