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Next Camp Theme
Camp program overview

What is happening during the camp?

  • 10 hours dancing a day, mixed music
  • 12-15 tango workshops daily and free to choose from
  • bodywork sessions, e.g.: yoga, Feldenkrais, contact impro, ...
  • gatherings, sharing groups, milonga ’Kick Offs’ & other exotic tango ’snacks’
  • dancing in a lake or in the forest
  • live music and participants orchestra 
  • special rituals and magical surprises
  • private lessons (optional)
  • Shiatsu and massage sessions (optional)

See here the preliminary daily schedule and workshop overview of the next winter camp for inspiration.

The music
Los Milonguitas live

This fresh, energic band from Buenos Aires band has strong traditional roots however spiced up with own jazzy tunes and many own compositions.
Their goal is to play the most danceable music and keep the floor packed :). Over the last two years - since living in Europe - they visited more than 20 countries and about 10 000 dancers enjoyed and danced to their music. (just as we did when met them and has ‘fallen in love‘ with their music directly!)

Camp workshops
Camp gatherings

Tango can be more than dancing and having fun. Often we also encounter more ’inner’ issues, such as ’intimacy’, ’how to be playful again’, ’saying yes or no’, ’showing more of yourself’, ’how to change your patterns’, ’becoming more open or receptive’, ’how to take care of yourself in a group’, etc. 

Once a day everybody who likes it is coming together and Paras will guide the group through these kind of themes. Often with a smile, sometimes crazy and possibly very touching and more silent. You never know. We like sometimes to come together at the end of the gathering to share in smaller family groups. For many participants these gatherings are one of the highlights of the camp.

Private classes
Summer Lake Milonga

When the weather allows we go one day to a nearby lake and have an outside milonga in the water.


Just hanging out, making fun, have a workshop in the water and dance in the lake. 

Bodywork & massage